Ever wanted to feel a deep peace within yourself?

My yoga classes are designed to help you find the perfect balance between maintaining physical strength for overall health and offering nourishment and nurturing for your mental and emotional wellbeing. The classes are available to a range of abilities and energy levels. If you have any injuries or conditions that may impact on your yoga practice, please, let me know ahead of the class!

My classes integrate the following principles and techniques:

Embodied Flow. These classes take themes from traditional Hatha & Vinyasa practices, and combine them with awareness building through somatic movements. Perfect if you want to build and maintain whole body strength, yet still benefit from the grounding and centering qualities of yoga. Modifications are offered to people to ensure individual practice needs can be honoured.

Rest & Restore. Restorative yoga classes are defined by long hold asanas (postures) whereby the body is deliciously propped up allowing for deep levels of relaxation. Perfect for deep-rooted stress release, nurturing fatigued bodies and calming the mind.

Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra (‘yogic sleep’) is a type of guided meditation received in Savasana (relaxation pose). Yoga Nidra is designed to take you in a mental state of deep rest whilst staying fully aware and present. Delicious practice to completely and utterly unwind.

Mysore Style Approach. Individual, self-guided practice within a group dynamic. More information coming soon.

I currently offer one weekly class:

At LWV Physio in Hoeilaart from 7.30-9 pm each Wednesday evening for an embodied foundation class which combines gentle flows with the principles of rest and restore for a well-rounded practice. All class information (including costs, sign up and location) is available here.