Still have some questions? I have tried to answer the most common one’s below, but feel free to reach out via the contact form if there is still something that is unclear to you.

What are the COVID-19 hygiene precautions in my yoga classes?

In both my yoga classes we are applying hygiene and physical distancing regulations to ensure all of our safety. This includes no sharing of props (I share on Instagram which props we need for each class), wearing facial masks until we are on our mats, no forceful breathing/pranayama exercises and ensuring hand hygiene before and after class. As the rules change regularly, please, reach out to me directly if you would like to receive more details.

What is the pricing of the classes?

There are some services over which I do not have a control in terms of pricing, e.g. the yoga classes I offer at established yoga studios. However, in all other services I am hoping to price myself in an affordable and accessible way through sliding scale prices in the future, allowing people to join at a financial level they feel comfortable with. As these services are shaped, I will keep you up to date on what it means and how it will be implemented. So watch this space!

If, in the meantime, you would like to talk to my about my pricing for the yoga class in Hoeilaart and find ways to make my class more accessible to you, please, reach out so that we can look into options together.

Where do you receive your learnings from?

I am forever grateful to my guides in my journey to myself:

  • Nisha Moodley for the leadership guidance she provides through her inclusive and supportive communities; and for modelling what inclusive, value-based leadership can look like
  • Yarrow for guiding me in the growth of an anti-capitalist business and modelling how such businesses can be built
  • Yulia Heaton & Louis Charles for introducing me to yoga in the first place: I will forever be grateful to you!
  • My yoga teachers, yoga and coaching colleagues, friends and therapists I work with: your holding space for me, being available for endless talks over tea and good food, help me reflect on my own journey and grow as a person, which all influence how I teach and coach.
  • My yoga students and coaches: I am learning so much from you with each practice we have to together, which each session in which we consider your health and wellbeing. Your motivation, enthusiasm and willingness to critically, yet lovingly support yourself humbles me.
  • My academic guides (my PhD and postdoctoral supervisors, many of my colleagues during my lab days and scientific experts I have worked with in the health and nutrition field through my jobs at the International Life Science Institute of Europe and the European Food Information Centre… too many to list them all here!) for teaching me critical thinking, assessing the value and meaning of scientific facts, stimulating debates and always, always bringing me back to the big picture when assessing new information!

What are my qualifications?

  • PhD in the Biological Sciences (infectious disease prevention and control) from Cardiff University, UK, since 2012
  • 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training with the Devon School of Yoga, since 2015
  • Health Coaching Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, since 2015
  • 30-hour Restorative Yoga Certification via Adelene Cheong, since 2017
  • Yoga Nidra Certification from Tripure Yoga via Udemy, since 2019

My formal qualifications are only a very small part of the knowledge and experience I bring to my teaching and coaching. I learned much valuable stuff outside of the formal context and from other places, and I encourage you to seek out my notes on other teachers that have influenced me.