Health Coaching


Nutrition Workshops

These seminars are designed to bring you the most recent science when it comes to nutrition and will teach you what this actually means for your daily life!

Topics are:

  • Detox;
  • Stress, health and nutrition;
  • Gut health.

All workshops are at least 1 hour long with a PowerPoint presentation including the latest scientific information and practical tips and tricks for participants to make changes towards a healthy lifestyle! I am happy to also include more practical elements provided the space and room is available.

The next workshop will be in collaboration with Lucia Vimercati, a yoga teacher and ayurvedic cook, at Serendip Spa’s Atelier, and we will be experiencing an urban retreat on ‘Yoga and Self-Care in the Kitchen’ on 18 March 2018. We will enjoy yoga classes, explore our relationship with food, cook and eat together before finishing with a deep relaxation exercise that leaves you re-freshed and replenished. All details here.


For more information or to enquire, contact me through the contact form.

30-day Healthy Lifestyle Makeover Program

My popular 30-day email programs will be making a come back this year with even more information, practical tips and tricks, motivation, mindset challenges and homework and more. To make sure you are the first to know when it is back on offer, make sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay informed!