A healthy community starts with us being healthy, in body and mind. Knowing ourselves inside and out, shadow and light.

Healthy habits extend beyond what is on our plate and not only include what we eat, but also how we care for our body and mind and how we grow as people. Here are some useful links that may provide you with inspiration for your own journey.

As part of it, I am sharing a list of people and platforms that offer lots of valuable information and guidance for free. Consider supporting them and their work through the books they have produced, the donation options they provide or even just sharing their work through your networks, if you feel you benefit from their work. This will enable them to keep providing support to a wide range of people including those that may not be able to afford their paid services yet are in desperate need of them.

Inspiration for Nourishing, Vibrant Food

Inspirational Instagram Accounts

Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra and Meditation

Insight Timer is a great meditation and mindfulness app with simple meditations varying from 3-20 minutes in length and on a range of topics. I love particularly Jennifer Piercy‘s Yoga Nidra sessions for sleep, and Kael Klassen‘s Nidra Journeys.

Movement and Yoga

If you are interested in exploring yoga a bit more, but are too busy to attend classes, DoYogaWithMe provides brilliant yoga classes ranging from beginners to advanced classes and providing breathing, meditation, visualization and relaxation exercises also.