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Recipe: Caramelised onion and hummus wraps from the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook. Quick and super delicious! Essential oil diffuser blend: just doTERRA’s lavender oil. Self-care: Making time for restorative and yin yoga practices. Random inspiration: ‘Food is a drug. Food is medicine. Whether is is good or bad medicine depends on how you use it.’ – Mark Hyman. Feel good moment in April: Having time slow down around Easter for just a few days. It’s totally the little things for me! 😉 Recently discovered foodie product: Cocoa nibs. Ok, these are more re-discovered than discovered, but having been in the UK last month I finally have some in the cupboard again! Read of the month: ‘Love Your Lady Landscape’ from Lisa Lister. Connecting with my SHE power! Smart treat: Raw chocolate energy bites. Oh yum! Movement routine of the month: Sara Powers inspired yin yoga sequences. Yoga inspiration: You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.
Happy May, y’all.

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