A brief update… before I go hermitting again!

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Have you ever found yourself in a position where you realise that things are not quite like you envisioned them? Have you ever consciously decided to make a change, try something else for a while to see whether this would make a difference? Or maybe even giving yourself a bit of space to figure out what it is exactly that you need? This can be so true for your health and your healthy habits, yet can also apply to other parts of your life.

For me the last month has very much forced me to re-consider a few things regarding my health coaching, one of them being that my health must be my #1 priority and with the way I am currently approaching things this is not guaranteed.

For my own health and to drive my vision of helping women to re-connect with themselves and improve their relationship with food forward, I need to focus for a while on working behind the scenes.

To give me the time, energy and space to do so, I will not be writing newsletters and blogs for a few months, at least until autumn.

I will not be gone, though. As I am re-shuffling, re-building and creating, I will still be avaible on Instagram and teaching my weekly yoga class. I would love to meet you there one day!

In a few months time, I will also start coaching one-to-one again on a VERY limited basis. If you would like to see whether you could benefit from health coaching, book your FREE discover session now by getting in touch.

Or just email me anyway just for a chat, I always love to hear from my readers. And if you have a few ideas of what you’d like to see once I am back, let me know!

Hope to hear from or see you soon!

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