The 3 biggest weight loss myths

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Finally, sunshine! At last, flower blossoms (yes, I know, Brussels is totally behind!). And now, longer days. Spring is definitely in the air at and off come the thick layers of clothing that kept us warm the last few months and out come the sunglasses! Doesn’t it feel amazing? The energy, the promise of something more, the lightness of it all? I find myself smiling a lot these days, just out of sheer joy and happiness.

Yet at the same time with the warmer weather and longer days, here comes the reminder that the New Year’s resolutions are still unmet and there is now less and less time to be in shape for the summer!

Before you dive head over heels into the next diet or detox (which is still a diet even though it is a more fashionable term!), let me bust the 3 biggest weight loss myths for you:

1. It’s all about willpower

It’s not. It really is not! If we try to enforce our will on our bodies, it usually backfires quite horrendously at some point. Our body is so fine-tuned towards our needs that we do not even need to think about what we need consciously. She will automatically react if she needs something of you and give you the appropriate signal. Ignoring these signals usually leads to her having to take drastic measures to ensure her optimal functioning, such as reducing metabolic rates if calorie intake is reduced over several days like when you diet. Ignoring these signals means you end up being unkind to your body, unresponsive to its most basic needs. And if you are not going to help her, she will need to help herself with drastic measures.

Like clinging on to the extra weight because she never knows when the next starvation period is coming.

Like focussing inwards to maintain energy rather than making you feel energetic enough to go exercising.

Like causing you to crave the most calorie-dense, unhealthy meals and snacks because she is trying to over-compensate for  the deprivation of nutrients.

It’s like ignoring the needs of someone who is dependent on you… your inner little girl. Over time, you will end up feeling completely disconnected, addicted to processed food and ashamed of your body which you don’t seem to be able to control.

The alternative is to start making friends with that little girl that represents your body. Maybe just acquaintances at first, slowly getting to know her better. Starting to notice how much she can do for you if you only allowed her into your life, just a tiny bit. Noticing how she thrives once she gets nourished with kind gestures, nice thoughts. Paying attention to how her appetite for abundant, healthy living food increases. Observing how she trusts you to look after her wholeheartedly and with love… if you only let it happen.

2. Believing that you have to struggle first before it all gets better

We often think that before anything gets better, we have to get through a tough zone, be disciplined and in control. Only then things will fall into place, only then things will be easy, only then have we earned feeling good about ourselves and our lives. Well, later usually never happens. If it does, like losing a few kilos and reaching a goal, it rarely makes us feel better about ourselves and our lives. Problems don’t magically disappear, we don’t magically like our body, we don’t magically feel like things have changed. So why not just skip the tough zone, completely circumvent having to be hard on yourself and make the choice to be happy, accepting and loving of your body right now. Your relationship to your body does not need to be influenced by its shape. Your emotional attachment to food does not need to affect how you feel about your body. Your happiness does not need to be linked to what you eat or what shape your body is.

Happiness is a choice and you can make that choice right now. No struggles or hardship needed!

3. There is not enough

Diets will always bring your awareness on what you cannot have. There is so much focus on what we lack and get deprived of like no sugar, no gluten, no fats. We never pay attention to what we gain. An abundance of healthy vegetables. Thousand of multi-coloured fruits. Nutrient-dense wholegrains. Exciting new recipes. Wholesome proteins. More energy. Lightness in our life. Different choices. An abundance of new food combinations which we have not tried before. …

Once you start focusing on what you gain, life is so much fuller!

There is more than enough, you just need to start looking where you have not looked before!

Busting the diet myth for yourself

Do you find that the diet myths above resonate with you? If yes, where can you start letting go of willpower and bringing a little bit more love for your body in your life? Where can you let go of the struggles and bring more ease into your relationship with your body? Where can you start looking for the fullness in your life rather than the lack? I would love to hear your thoughts on it, so leave me a comment below!

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