what.i.loved.this.month – February

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Monthly musings, health and wellbeing inspirations and other random happenings in my quest for a happy life, a healthy relationship with food and totally in tune with a busy lifestyle.

Recipe: Olivia, no Bethan’s, magic noodle soup. OMG! Essential oil diffuser blend:  1 drop lavendar, 1 drop peppermint and 1 drop lime essential oil. Spa heaven! Self-care: Taking the day off for my birthday. Oh yeah! Random inspiration: Meal plan tool that also provides you with a shopping list for all the recipes! Healthy eating could not be easier anymore. Feel good moment in February: Enjoying the longer days meaning I can go for walks after work, too, and not just on the weekend! Recently discovered foodie product: Laurent Gerbaud chocolates. Must check out if you are in Brussels. Read of the month: Bad sugar or bad journalism‘ by Stephan Guy. A bit more of an objective view on sugar that calls out the bias that occurs in much of the dietary advise provided in the alternative health world. Smart treat: Cheese on toast. Comfort food at its best! Movement routine of the month: Ines’ free 20 min HIIT workouts are amazing. Sign up for her newsletter to get a sample for free! Yoga inspiration: What is Yoga?‘ article in the Guardian and it does not even mention asanas!

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