What healthy habit tracking has done for me so far

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In my last blog post I wrote about healthy habit tracking, what it involves and why it is an incredibly useful tool if you are trying to change your mindset and your lifestyle habits to create a healthier you. This time round, I would like to share with you how healthy habit tracking has helped me so far.

  1. Healthy habit tracking has been so supportive in helping me reduce my caffeine consumption from a daily cup to nothing by the end of a month. I used my habit tracker to first explore when I had my daily coffee and what happened on days when I did and did not have it. I know from previous experience that to do such an observation it has to be neutral, from a place of curiosity and love rather than me judging myself when I had a cup of coffee and calling myself ‘bad’ afterwards.Interestingly, what I noticed is that when I did not have coffee I compensated with dark chocolate to gain energy! Once I had done such an observation for a month, I then came up with a plan to slowly reduce my caffeine intake by using black and green teas or decaffeinated coffees in the transition period. I had full caffeinated cups of coffees, green or black tea or de-caffeinated coffee depending on how I felt on a given day. I distinguished between two days there: ‘good’ days when I felt I did not need the extra caffeine and ‘bad’ days when I felt it was ok to have a fully caffeinated cup of coffee. By the end of the month, I had completely weaned myself off of caffeine whilst at the same time being very careful about not compensating with dark chocolate for the lack of caffeine!
  2. I learned that a gluten- and dairy-free free diet is not good for me. ‘What?’ I hear you saying… Well, yes, it is true! Everytime I avoid gluten and dairy, I seem to be getting an exczema. Amazing how bio-individuality works, isn’t it? Some people’s food is definitely other people’s poison! I have not explored yet further whether it is one or the other, but this definitely needs more of my attention in the future!
  3. I learned to ask for help instead of just getting on with all of it myself. Tracking healthy habits allows me to quickly discover when things become unbalanced. As such, I can react to and counter-balance it more quickly to ensure my health and well-being are guaranteed. Asking for help with just day to day things like doing the shopping, washing or cooking was one of the biggest things I had to learn to ensure I still had the time to look after myself.
  4. I learned the signs that showed how quickly things become unbalanced. Low energy levels because of insufficient sleep and not enough yoga… no wonder my mood gets super grumpy at times and no, not just at that time of the month! 😉

Have you tracked your healthy habits before and if yes, what have you noticed when it comes to maintaining balance with your health and wellbeing?


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