what.i.loved.this.month – January

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Monthly musings, health and wellbeing inspirations and other random happenings in my quest for a happy life, a healthy relationship with food and totally in tune with a busy lifestyle.

Recipe: Heidi Swanson’s chunky lentil soup from her cookbook Super Natural Cooking. Perfect lunch for cold winter days!* Essential oil diffuser blend:  Just plain old bergamot essential oil. It’s my favourite whenever I need some comfort. Self-care: Intentionally starting January slowly and taking time for myself. Random inspiration: Music by Dreamtree Project. So chill! Feel good moment in Januar: The mix of heat and ice cold air during a sauna visit in wintery Germany. Recently discovered foodie product: Zotter dark hot chocolate served in dairy-free milk. Heavenly! Read of the month: If diets don’t work, WTF should I do?’ by Laura Thomas. Brilliant adivce on how to get away from the diet culture! Smart treat: Lindt Caramel and Sea Salt dark chocolate. Movement routine of the month: Do Yoga With Me 30 Day Yoga Challenge: the best thing is they won’t take the videos down at the end of January, so get on it now! Yoga inspiration: ‘Yoga is not about self-improvement. Yoga is about self-acceptance.’ – Gurmurkh Kaur Khalsa

*The recipe is not online, but various bloggers have posted their variation of it. The link above is the closest adaptation I have seen and keeps in line with the main ingredients of the recipe.

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