January Intentions

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I have been quiet over the last few weeks and the reason for it is simple. I am listening quite closely to my needs at the moment and after the hussle and bussle of the few months of the end of last year, my mind and body are in desperate need of a bit of quiet time, time for myself, slowing down, less demands and time to reflect. Having a full time job, building a business on the side and teaching yoga is intense. I really love it all and am very much enjoying it, yet I also have to acknowledge that it is demanding on my body and mind.

So instead of going full steam ahead into January with goals and intentions for the new year, this year I decided to respect my mental and physical needs and take it slow, give it a bit of time to settle into the new year, use January as a reflective time and only start considering my intentions and goals once I am clear about what I actually want. This is quite novel to me and I am really enjoying it, this intentional slowing down and taking the time to reflect on what I have achieved last year instead of mechanically going through the motions of assessing my goals, whether they need re-adjusting, how far I have come last year and what steps to take to get closer to my goals next year.

I am letting myself be guided towards my goals and intentions by working on what I actually want to feel this year rather than just what I think I should do and this process feels really good and intuitive to me. I feel like I am re-connecting to parts of myself that have not had the chance to speak up in quite a long time and I am curious to see what comes out of this process and to share it with you!

So, on this note, I am going to retreat again, but let me ask you first: how are you getting on with your goals and intentions for 2017 and how can I help you to achieve them?

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