Some thoughts for the New Year

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I am slowly emerging from my Christmas retreat (I think this is an apt term for it… you can find more about it here) and the first thing I notice is all these messages popping up all over the place that we need to lose weight in order to be more beautiful, sexier, better, more worthy human beings, … you name it! With the start of the New Year (new beginnings!) and the Christmas period just behind us (all the guilty indulgence!), this message is at the loudest ever.

This year, I challenge you to not give in to those messages, but start seeing yourself for the person you really are.

The loyal and amazing friend. The loving and beautiful partner. The hard-working and conscientious colleague. The patient and open-hearted Mum. The friendly and happy neighbour.

So why not use all these wonderful traits and actually direct them at yourself? What if you loved your body unconditionally, instead of seeing it as your enemy? What if you listened to your cravings, instead of seeing it as a sign of betrayal? What if you embraced your body the way it is, instead of waiting for happiness in the future? Instead of going for the usual diet or unrealistic exercise regime that you know will not work anyway and leave you feeling like a failure in a few week’s time. What if you changed your approach?

You have nothing to lose, yet so much to gain!

You can start treating your body (in thought and action) like you would treat a dear friend of yours or your daughter. Or consider a little girl that is holding your hands and pretend that all your thoughts are directed towards her. Would you still starve this little girl on a diet that makes you unhappy, give her cold salads on cold winter days? Would you still be so horrible in thought towards her constantly berating her for the way she looks or the choices she makes with food? Would you still punish her on the treadmill running miles at speeds that she cannot maintain?

I bet not. I bet you would be kind, compassionate and loving.

You would nourish her on every level and the food you would give that little girl would be high quality, wholefoods meal full of nutrients, freshness and cooked with love. You would take her for a manageable walk in a first step, before expecting her to run long distances. You would cheer her on, instead of pulling her down.

So, why do you feel you are not worthy of treating yourself in the same way?

And what can you do today to change this for you in 2017?

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