Re-Connecting to the Christmas Magic

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Are you ready for the magic of Christmas yet? I totally am! And quite frankly, for a bit of rest and relaxation, too! It’s going to be amazing to just switch off for a while and slow my life down at the end of a really busy year. I have got some nice ideas for the New Year. They revolve a lot around sharing more of my journey about keeping my balance in a busy life and to not fall back into old habits of using food as a crutch to get by. Keeping #foodfreedom all the way by being mindful of my mindset around stress, my body and life in general, so that I am meeting my very own definition of health (Anne-Louise from Get Real with Anne-Louise asked me the other day what health means to me: you can find my answer here)!

Christmas is a magical time, yet we often find ourselves getting really stressed and overwhelmed. Taking the time to make sure you are best equipped to deal with it all is essential and sometimes it means re-assessing your priorities for your own self-care. I have recently shared what self-care is for me (here) and hopefully this will inspire you to look at your own self-care a little more differently.

Finally, remember that Christmas is way more than just the food. I have prepared a guide, specially for you, to keep you on track with your healthy habits throughout the festive season this year (download it via my newsletter sign up here). Don’t forget to try and re-connect to the magical feeling you had as a little kid every year. Your excitement weeks ahead of the actual event, the anticipation of what is to come and the sparkling in your eyes when it finally arrived. We have all these ideas of what Christmas should look like and ideally be also able to just keep going as we usually do trying to be ‘good’. Gently let go of this idea of a perfect Christmas. Christmas does not need to be perfect, it just needs to be magical.

And on this note, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and
a wonderful, happy, healthy and amazing New Year. See you again in 2017!

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