The Meaning of Self-Care for Me

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It is really busy at work at the moment and maintaining healthy habits is challenging. I find myself not sleeping enough, eating for instant energy rather than overall wellbeing, automatically doing things that usually really nourish me, but for which I am not in the right mindset which then just adds to feeling stressed, and connecting less to people. It’s easy to let everything just slide in times like these, particularly with the Christmas rush about to start.

I am by far not perfect. I often do not heed the early warning signs of having to take things slower, because I am starting to get too overwhelmed or too exhausted again, but I am getting better at it. It’s the little successes we need to focus on!

Like you, I am on my own journey to find balance with my healthy habits and find a lifestyle that really nourishes me. The more I walk along this journey, I see that balance is a very fluid concept that changes depending on the situation you are in and as such your healthy habits and how you prioritize them need to adapt. Self-care has become a much larger concept for me over the last months, not just going for an occassional massage or treating myself to a piece of cake.

For me self-care these days can be:

  • Buying the occassional sandwich for lunch, because I actively choose to wind down one evening instead of spending the time preparing food for the next day.
  • Going to bed 30 min later because I still need a bit of time to wind down in the evening.
  • Asking my partner for help with household chores like cooking or tidying that I usually just take on myself when I feel overwhelmed.
  • Consciously slowing down on my way to and from work enjoying the crisp, fresh air of cold winter nights.
  • Having a bath BEFORE I go to work.
  • Being kind and compassionate with myself when having a cup of coffee or some sweets as my body craves this extra energy boost.
  • Making time to go to a yoga class.
  • Dis-connecting from social media and unfollowing people/blogs/newsletters that leave me feeling not good about myself (incl. unfriending people).
  • Not actively engaging in something that I would in other situations perceive as self-care: sometimes the best self-care is not do anything, particularly for someone like me who will even add a self-care deed to her to do list! 😉

I keep reminding myself that it is ok if things are not perfect. They needn’t be. They just need to be balanced for me to feel at ease, in flow, relaxed and happy!

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Updated: 12 December 2016


  1. I love this message. I struggle quite a bit with balance and perfectionism as well and this is a great reminder that it’s OK(and even healthy) to not be perfect all the time.


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