You can love your body as it is, right now!

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I have just come back from a really energizing session with my monthly Women’s Food Freedom Circle and felt that tonight contained such an important message that I want to share it with all of you!

We women are constantly focussed on changing our body shape, form and size because we are told we should look like an ideal which is actually only achievable by 1% of the world’s population and which is purely down to genetics. We are told this ideal is normal, when really our bodies are the ‘real’ normal (mathematically and statistically speaking if you need scientific facts to underline this scenario!). So, we are trying to achieve a body shape and form that everyone tells us can be achieved by exercise, counting calories and eating healthy.

Along the lines of:

Exercise + counting calories + eating healthy food = slim + fit + happy + popular + healthy.

But many of us know that:

Exercise + counting calories + eating healthy food ≠ slim + fit + happy + popular + healthy.

Real result:

We completely dis-connect from our bodies and start seeing it as the enemy that needs to be starved (lower calories equal weight loss), punished (because it craved cake on the low calorie diet) and abused (high intensity exercise session completely not appropriate for our fitness levels), because it betrays us in all our efforts to become better, more beautiful, sexier, more desirable, slimmer, fitter, hotter…

We also start eating emotionally (‘I deserve this, I had a long day’ or just to suppress emotions) and constantly sabotage ourselves by giving ourselves permission to go for the unhealthy comfort food to soothe ourselves emotionally, when really our body is craving real nutrients. We end up eating food that leaves us physically tired, drained and fatigued, instead of food that is actually nourishing in the long-term.

But, what if you loved your body unconditionally, instead of seeing it as your enemy? What if you listened to your cravings, instead of seeing it as a sign of betrayal? What if you embraced your body the way it is, instead of waiting for happiness in the future?

What if you changed the way you THINK about your body?

Instead of going for the usual diet or unrealistic exercise regime that you know will not work anyway and leave you feeling like a failure. What if you changed your approach? You have nothing to lose, yet so much to gain!

What I would like you to realise is that you can love your body, just the way it is, right now.

You can inhabit this amazing vehicle to your life with joy and happiness, right now. You can start treating it (in thought and action) like you would treat a dear friend of yours or your daughter. Or consider a little girl that is holding your hands and pretend that all your thoughts are directed towards her. Would you still starve this little girl? Would you still be so horrible in thought towards her?

I bet not. I bet you would be kind, compassionate and loving. You would nourish it on every level and the food you would give that little girl would be high quality, wholefoods meal full of nutrients, freshness and cooked with love.

You deserve to love yourself. Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Dress like you love yourself. Talk to yourself like you love yourself. Treat yourself with the thoughtfulness, attention, care and love that you would treat a little girl and give it some downtime at the end of a long way.

You don’t need to change your body.You just need to start looking at it from a different angle. Starting today. Right now!

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