Experiencing food freedom

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How often do your thoughts turn around food?

Or calories? Or what you should eat, or should not eat? How often do you feel guilty for eating something that is considered ‘unhealthy’ or as not part of a perfect diet? Trying to eat perfectly all the time, yet getting really stressed out about it because you have an intense job with little time to go shopping or prepare food at home? How often do you want to be ‘good’, but at some point just cannot resist a sweet treat at the end of a long, tiring day? After all, you have earned it… although you still feel guilty about it. How often do you ‘treat’ yourself in secret because it is embarrassing to show that your healthy diet is not so healthy after all?

I know I used to be obsessed with thoughts like that feeling completely disconnected with my body and having a relationship with food that I now know was completely unhealthy both for my mental attitude towards myself and food and for my metabolic power (despite always having eaten healthily!). Only when I had the courage to really look at myself and face the truth about my relationship with food, could I make changes in my life that lead to a whole breakthrough about how I felt about my body, myself and the food I was eating.

Today, I eat like a love myself wholeheartedly and with every fibre of my being.

Back then, I ate to show the world how perfect I am. Today, I laugh about this (what an illusion!) and celebrate my perfect imperfection. Back then, I thought I was in control. Today, I know better (there is no such thing as controlling things you cannot control… doh)! Back then, I thought I desperately felt I had to proove myself towards myself and the world. Today, I know how to interpret my thoughts and feeling differently, living from a place of authentic truth and empowerment.

It all started off with paying attention to myself…

Connecting with myself… noticing the little things in whatever I did. Like when I was full. Or not full, but satisfied. Or full and not satisfied. Little by little things changed. Because I got to know myself. Learned how to love myself. Learned to eat like I loved myself. Learned to exercise like I loved myself. Learned to nourish myself with intentional gestures of selfcare like I loved myself.

I want you to experience this very same feeling.

Because I know you can experience the same. Make peace with yourself and peace with food will come along. Hence, I have started organizing a monthly’s Women’s Food Freedom Circle at The Happy Body in Brussels, for which we get together on a monthly basis to chat about all things food. The first one was about ‘how to stop feeling guilty about what you eat + start enjoying food again’.

Each month there will be a different topic. Each month there will be a group of empowered women who support each other. Each month we will step one step closer to food freedom. Together.

Are you coming?

More info here.

Photo credit: http://www.pixabay.com.

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