The ‘real’ superfoods

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Let’s talk superfoods today! Like SUPERFOODS. You just know that these foods are going to be heroes, right? Or even make you a hero!  Basically, once you have them your health will be instantly transformed: you are just going to feel so super. 😉 Hehe…

Right, joking aside now (sorry, I just could not resist!). Let’s get a bit more real about this!

When we hear about superfoods we know that they are usually sold as such because they are higher in certain mineral, vitamin, anti-oxidant or other nutrient values than other foods. The high nutrient value essentially makes these foods superfoods. These superfoods, be it goji berries, raw cocoa, acai powder, dried wheatgrass or others are usually sold dried, if not dried and powdered. And here is where I have a real issue with those so-called superfoods: most of them are actually quite processed and their long storage, mostly at room temperature, implies to me that their nutrient value by the time we consume it is actually quite low (but of course, I could not find reliable data for that!). For me this is one of the big contradictions in the holistic nutrition world at the moment: on the one hand superfoods are very popular with the clean eating movement, on the other hand these superfoods are highly processed, something usually to be avoided when following the clean eating diet.

So, what does that leave you with?

Well, essentially, we are back to the basics again. Or the ‘real’ superfoods: those fruit and vegetables that you find in your local supermarket. Seasonal crops that have grown and ripened in their ideal environment, ideally also local to you. Let’s not forget that the nutrient value of real food is actually much higher and more nourishing to your body than anything that can ever come in a packet. Think fresh berries and the abundance of fruit as well as the first few vegetables in the summer; root vegetables, apples, pears and other related veg in autumn; cruciferous vegetables in the winter and the abundance of green, leafy vegetables in the spring.

It does not mean that those foods marketed as superfoods are bad.

All I am saying is that just because you have them, your health is not miraculously going to turn to the better. Do not let this article stop you utilizing them and exploring them as a new food in your diet. After all, trying out new foods and experimenting with new recipes keeps things exciting and you more engaged in finding a diet that works for you and your body. Superfoods are great additions to smoothies, can bring some added flavours or natural colours to some desserts and can be fun to try. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that they are the magical ingredient that ‘fixes’ your weight, some health issue, your issues around food or your relationship with your body. No food will ever do that. In the meantime, focus on lovingly nourishing your body with the ‘real’ superfoods and as a nice side effect, your bank balance will feel the love, too!

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