How the way you think affects your relationship with food and yourself

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Here is a thought that I have shared this week in my Facebook community page:

I move and eat healthily, therefore I  (am allowed to) love myself.


I love myself, therefore I move and eat healthily.

Can you feel the difference in that thought? The emotional impact it has on you just reading through it? Take a moment to just notice what feelings come up for you as you read through it again.

Our mindset about ourselves directly affects the way we think about ourselves. Often this thinking is reflected in our relationship with food. Be it that we have a perfectionist mindset about the foods we eat (‘I am only allowed salads and healthy things’, ‘If I go to the gym today I am allowed to have cake’), be it that we eat emotionally, be it in our choice of words around food (‘I should/shouldn’t…’, ‘bad food’, ‘good food’, …). Many of us also postpone all the things that we want to do until we look a certain way, have lost a certain amount of weight or change ourselves in one way or the other. What we do not realize is that this way of thinking unconsciously always implies the one thing: we are not good enough as we are right now! Possibly even: we are not deserving! It also means: we do not engage into activities that make us happy and keep postponing our happiness!


… are we really, truly not good enough?

… are we really not deserving?

I would like to argue that we totally are good enough and totally are deserving. Yes, truly! Just start thinking about all the things you really appreciate about yourself! Cannot think of a single thing? Then maybe start with the things that you take for granted about yourself!

You do not need to wait until you weigh a certain weight to love yourself. You do not need to change anything about yourself whatsoever to be loved by others.

You are enough!

You are deserving… of so many things, but mainly also deserving of you treating yourself with so much more self-love and positivity. This includes the way you speak about and also to yourself.

I am going to leave you with a quote of Dr Libby, whose encouragement to speak and think about yourself more positively really sums it up quite nicely:

‘Really think about how you ‘speak’ to yourself. You will not motivate yourself to make successful long-term changes to you nutrition, movement, rest, restoration, breathing or whatever it is you would like to work on if you treat yourself with disdain. You are worth taking care of and you are certainly worthy of being treated kindly, this often begins with how you ‘speak’ to yourself.’

If you want more encouragement towards a healthier journey like this, come over and join my Facebook community page: it’s free – all you have to do is sign up to the newsletter and you will receive an access link plus a free eBook. Looking forward to welcoming you there! 🙂

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