Supplement your meals with a bit of Vitamin P

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Ever heard about Vitamin P and how it is super important for your health? No?! Well, it’s about time someone told you then, particularly if you are an emotional eater and food is your enemy! Vitamin P is the Vitamin that helps us re-connecting with our food again and instead of seeing it as an enemy, helps us to rectify our relationship with food.

Vitamin P = Vitamin Pleasure!

We often use food to soothe any discomfort we have in our life, however, this only works to a certain degree. Over time the temporary relief we receive really backfires on us as we start piling on the pounds over the years, find ourselves in unhealthy eating habits and feel ashamed for our lack of willpower or our body.

Food becomes our crutch, yet also fails to deliver on our expectation of solving problems for us and becomes the enemy.

However, if we start considering the real problem we can see quickly that we have started associating food as a pacifier instead of seeing it for what it really is: nourishment for our physical bodies. Once our physical needs are met, we can then actively work on our mental, emotional and spiritual needs (that need other types of foods). We need to learn how to deal with discomfort in a different way and we need to re-connect to our bodies again.

One way to re-connect with ourselves again and at the same time start associating foods with the nourishing qualities that it provides us for our physical body again, is to start paying attention to what and how you eat. And this is where Vitamin P comes in. Start eating for real pleasure again, not just to soothe you. You can eat anything for that, even a chocolate bar if you wish to do so… all that I ask you to do is pay attention to what is going on emotionally and mentally within you at every single step.

So, here are my instructions for the perfect meal taken with Vitamin P:

  1. Put time aside in your calendar in which you can switch your electronics off and make sure you don’t get disturbed (make it a good 3-4 hours). Make sure your kitchen is clean and decide on what you would like to have (I recommend your favourite meal).
  2. Go to the shops and buy the ingredients for your favourite meal.
  3. Make an intention to take this time for yourself, to not just nourish yourself with food, but giving yourself the loving attention that you need.
  4. Cook your favourite meal from scratch with fresh ingredients, love in your heart, a smile on your face and a dance in your steps. Make every step pleasurable!
  5. Set a table with nice table decorations. Light candles and put on background music you like.
  6. Sit down and look at your meal. All the colours and textures you have on your plate.
  7. Close your eyes and smell your feast. Then take a slow deep breath, hold for a moment or two and then exhale slowly, a bit longer than for your inhale.
  8. Open your eyes, pick up your fork and start tasting your food. Pay really close attention to the delicate flavours of the meal and the various textures of your food.  Taste your food like you have never tasted it before.
  9. Start chewing, one slow bite at a time.
  10. Take your time eating: really work on getting every last bit of pleasure out of this meal that you have so lovingly prepared to nourish yourself with.

If you are in a hurry, make sure to at least stay away from any electronic gadgets or other distractions, so that you can fully focus on bringing Vitamin P to the plate in front of you. You can follow steps 6 to 10 everywhere with any meal you have, so there is no excuse now!

The best things about Vitamin P: it really engages that part of the nervous system which is responsible for digesting foods. This means we not only re-connect with our bodies during this exercise, but we also put our digestive system in a situation where it can utilize its metabolic fire best so both digestion and nutrient absorption is much bigger. Win!

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