Abandoning yourself in the way you eat

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Are you an emotional eater? Someone who grabs food without thinking whenever they are in an emotionally or mentally stressful situation with the hope of finding temporary relief? Does that include situations in which you are quite hard on yourself, in thought or deed? The food usually being of poor nutritionally quality, full of bad fats and sugar leading you to feel guilty and ashamed later on or even while you are still eating? Alternatively, it may give you a feeling of complete emotional numbness or temporary relief from whatever it is that you are trying to deal with.

Have you ever considered that eating in such a way is a way of abandoning yourself?

Essentially, what you are doing is withholding yourself the nourishment that you really need (which may be emotional, physical or spiritual – read more here) and trying to fulfil yourself with food that you have learnt to associate with happy events (such as birthday parties), but which is often lacking in proper nourishment for our physical body.

If you had a friend that abandoned yourself the way you abandon yourself, would you keep that friend in your life? I would guess not. So why are you this person to yourself?

Have you ever considered that the way you treat yourself may reflect the way you feel you should be or indeed are being treated by the people around you? Because you don’t feel you are worth more?

Once we start exploring our underlying issues, we often discover that really our problem is not our diet or the way we eat food. Our relationship with food often reflects underlying beliefs we have about ourselves. Habits that we are not even aware of having such as negative thinking about the way we look or are. Self-sabotaging behaviours because somewhere in us we believe we do not deserve to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be content or whatever.

Grabbing food really just becomes a way to soothe ourselves… to relief ourselves from our own mental self-attack.

Yet, I can tell you that much: we are worth so much more. We deserve to be happy. Right now. We deserve to love ourselves unconditionally. There is no need to be perfect, we are perfect in our imperfections. Remember that next time you are exposed to those self-depreciating thoughts or people and situations that trigger those thoughts. There will always be haters. Let them be. Your energy and focus deserve to be pointed at you!

Love yourself unconditionally.


  1. Mindful eating is so important….I really have become to appreciate this more and more the older I become. I also encourage clients to be more aware of their feelings associated with food. Nice post!


  2. Wonderful blog post and a great way to bring awareness to such an important issue so many face. It’s so important to stop for a moment and be present with the food you are about to eat.


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