How is your relationship with your body?

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Are you feeling at home in your body? Genuinely, happily at home, grateful for anything and everything your body allows you to do on a daily basis?

Or do you hate your body? Constantly have negative thoughts about it and if not that, have low self confidence because of the way you look? Do you feel like if you changed your body, then you would feel happier, your relationships would be going better and you would be more confident? People would love you and appreciate you more?

Is this negative relationship with your body affecting how you eat? Causing you to be ‘good’ one moment, just to fall off the bandwagon and going through a phase with ‘bad’ food (although it’s ok, you’ll start properly again on Monday)? Or just to regularly ‘let go’ when it comes to food to soothe your negative feelings about yourself?

What if I told you that if you started to trust yourself and started listening to your body everything will fall into place? Your relationship with food, with your body and with yourself?

Your body is an amazing piece of artistry. It really is and I would like you to take a moment to really consider this. Your body allows you to truly experience this life: to watch the sunrise in the morning, to enjoy every pleasurable bite of food you are having, to have good laughs with your BFF (‘best friend forever’), amazing times with your partner,… but also simple things like allowing you to get up from bed every day, to do what you enjoy doing, to be there for your family, friends and partner, to go to work or the shops.

Think about what it would be like if you did not have this body, if you could not see the wonderful blossoms everywhere at this time of the year; if you could not hear the birds singing; if you could not taste the wonderful flavours we can experience with every meal; if you could not feel the love in the embrace of your partner; if you could not move looking after yourself as you need it. What would your life be like?

Yet here you are, missing all these precious moments of life: smelling a flower, laughing with friends, moving your body in the wind, tasting amazing foods from all over this world, feeling the water running down your body in a warm summer downpour… I could go on…

Why? Because you are too pre-occupied with how your body looks from the outside.

I understand where you are coming from. I really do. All the advertising, the unrealistic expectations of how we should look like these days, the twisted magazine’s out there offering us a diet pill on one page, slagging off womanly curves on the page after and on page three trying to tell us we are goddesses that should claim our lives. How can you not get twisted in the way you think about yourself? And trust me, you are not alone.

But deep down, do you really believe that if you changed your body you would be happier? More accepted and loved?

See, I think that you won’t be any happier, that it won’t change the relationships you have with people in life. If you cannot see how amazing your body is now, you won’t see it when it is thinner, less flabby or has no more cellulite. If you cannot see how wonderful you are as a person now, you won’t see that when your body has changed.

Indeed, all you are doing right now is disempowering yourself. You are disappointing yourself. You are losing focus and energy that could be better used in other areas of your life.

Don’t wait to be happy. Be happy now! Find other ways to make you happy that are not dependent on your body or even other people. There will always be haters, always people that will try and drag you down, make you feel self-conscious about who you are and the way you look. Don’t give them so much power over you.

So next time you start to beat yourself up in thought again about the way you look, instead of reaching for that piece of chocolate, take a moment to appreciate how much this body has done for you already in this lifetime. Overcome injuries. Stuck with you through stressful times at work. Carried your children if you are a mother. Helped you through uncountable diets or other fads meant to punish, rather than nurture you. Then check in with yourself whether you actually still want that piece of chocolate.

Love yourself no matter what you eat, no matter what you look like.

Stand by yourself and by your body. It’s an amazing piece of artwork allowing you to experience this life as it is. So don’t miss out on another minute of it, because you are too focussed on your body, too focused on what you look like or how much you weigh. Quite frankly, people won’t remember you for the shape you have been, but for the big heart you had, for the compassion, for the open ear, for always smiling, for being helpful, for being always the one who cheers everyone up. Don’t take that away from yourself!

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