The secrets to balance: unlocking the door to new eating habits

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Perfect diets are a myth, because even if you eat 100% of what is considered wholesome, you are unlikely to have the right mindset about it, so making your whole approach unhealthy again (you can read more about it here). Oftentimes we don’t eat because we are hungry, but because we are bored, emotional, mentally not stimulated, crave movement, feel out of balance when it comes to work, relationships or family. Whether you are eating healthy or not, it is likely that you have found yourself eating when you are not hungry. At that point it is less important what you eat (yes, even if you choose extremely healthy, nutrient rich food!), but why you eat.

 People that only eat when they are hungry know to not just nourish themselves physically, but also spiritually, emotionally and mentally. They don’t just fill themselves ‘up’ with food, but with anything that brings them joy, happiness and contentment.

So, what is the secret to success for those people who seem to have the balance?

  1. People that have the balance actively bring enjoyment into their lives by making time for the things in which they really find pleasure! The best way to do this is to plan in time to do pleasurable things into your day every day.
  1. They do not treat themselves with food. Food is for nourishment only. Treats come in other forms like getting a massage, taking half a day on the weekend to just read a book in the garden or having a bath.
  1. They are very aware of what they eat and make nutrient rich choices most of the time, yet these people are also ok with having the occasional glass of wine and a slice of pizza because they know they can. No feelings of guilt or shame: after all, it all comes back down to balance.
  1. They stop activities that drain their energy even if it is just mindlessly scrolling down the Facebook newsfeed (which usually makes you feel worse about yourself anyway: that’s scientifically proven!). Ergo: less emotional eating.
  1. They actively relax by taking downtime. Sometimes that’s just chilling out, sometimes it means they mediate. This builds mental resilience, brings awareness and has a snowball effect on their relationship with food.
  1. They move. They make sure to get exercise into the day one way or the other even if it is just walking to work instead of taking the car. It puts the serotonine levels up and gives them time to think whatever is happening in their lives through. As a result: less time to think about what is next for dinner or eating for emotional reasons.

What is one small thing that you can change today to get more balance into your life so that you feel more in tune when it comes to your nutrition? What is one small thing that you can change today that nourishes you as a person and not just your body?

If you do not know where to even start with such a new approach to thinking about food, why not join me in my private Facebook group by signing up to my newsletter (it’s FREE and you get the link to my Facebook group with the confirmation mail) here and find the support, encouragement and help that you deserve!


  1. I love your approach to this topic. Nourishment is so much more than food and you gave some great options. A great reminder for myself., as a mom though, it is much more difficult to find down time. So that is something I am working on figuring out.

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    1. The one thing I have learnt about self care is to stay persistent with it and keep finding them time for it every day even if you don’t ever find a routine for it! For me as a yoga teacher that can be as little as walking from one place to the other and very consciously breathe and take in the things around me. I know you will find a way that works for you, too, even if you need to constantly adapt 😉 that counts, too! x


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