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I have been talking a lot about how mindset and attitude can have a huge effect on ‘being healthy’ recently. Developing such a mindset and attitude takes time because it requires you to change the way you think and really transform the way you see yourself and the way you see and define health. Healthy habits that go beyond exercise and food will help you to work towards that goal. As with everything, a consistent routine with your healthy habits is essential.

Here are my Top 7 Healthy Habits that I do daily to nourish myself and which go beyond making sure I have nutritionally adequate food:

  1. Warm (lemon) water: every morning, first thing when I get up, I have a either a tea made with half a lemon, squeezed out and some warm water poured over both the lemon and the juice or just some warm water. It re-hydrates me in the morning, wakes me up better than coffee could and gets my digestion warmed up and ready for the day.
  2. I do yoga. Yes, every day! Even if it is just 5-10 minutes and only includes the sun salutations.
  3. I have breakfast, ideally savoury as too much sugar in the morning just gets my cortisol whacked out of order (which is not great if you are worried about adrenal fatigue and burn out). Not having any just leaves me grumpy, unfocussed and low in energy for the whole day even if I eat a bit later.
  4. I make time to spend some time with my partner in the evening. Nourishing the connections in my life that nourish my soul.
  5. I meditate before going to bed. Sometimes that is just sitting still physically, because my mind is too unsettled and I left it too late in the evening to have the energy to focus for any length of time. But just being still helps to bring more stillness to my mind.
  6. I write a short list of three things that I am grateful for every day. Even if it was the worst day ever, this helps me to focus on the good things in my life. There are plenty and too often we take them for granted!
  7. I go to bed early (around 10 pm). If I don’t, I won’t get enough sleep and/or it will not be restful sleep. I will be grumpy, unfocussed and low in energy the next day. I will feel emotional, low in self-esteem and have no confidence in my abilities or in myself as a person. I will have all sorts of cravings that my body knows will bring me energy, not realizing it’s an empty and short-lived energy. I will have cravings to fulfil emotions that cannot be fulfilled with food, but my body thinks so because so far food has always worked not realizing that the emotions were only suppressed. All in all, I will deprive myself of the proper nutrition for both my body and mind.

So, you see, these healthy habits are absolute essentials for me as they help me to step up in life, be the best I can be for my partner, my family and friends, my community and my clients and to ensure that I live my life from a point of being true to myself.

Over to you: what are your healthy habits that you cannot live without? Let me know in the comments below!

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