To all those women fearing weight gain or not managing to lose weight…

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Are you doing everything right yet not losing weight? Is exercise a chore and are your meals bland? Have you tried various diets only to find that they may initially be successful only to let you down a few weeks down the lane? Even if you are not on a diet, are there always foods you avoid or feel you should avoid? Are you feeling guilty for indulging in a piece of cake, but resenting your body for craving it? Do you feel you have tried everything, but your body is letting you down again and again and again?

Maybe it’s time to re-think your approach.

Maybe it’s time to look at the problem from a completely different angle.

Maybe it’s time to get radical!

So, let’s get radical, shall we, starting off with transforming how you think of your body.

If you want to lose weight, you need to start working WITH your body and not AGAINST it:

  • Stop restricting your body and limiting it to certain foods when clearly its cravings indicate that it is missing nutrients. Yes, it is talking to you and giving you a clear signal of its needs!
  • Stop putting it through punishing exercise regimes that only gets its stress response up. Yes, the complete opposite of what you wanted to achieve cause stress will cause weight gain!
  • Stop having such high expectations towards yourself and let go of your fear of being easy on yourself. Yes, you are superwoman, but in a much better way then you are thinking!


 Start loving the body you have.

She is your best ally in helping you to find the true you amongst all those layers that you built around yourself. She has been going through thick and thin with you with everything and all the challenges you have ever faced in your life. She has put up with a bland, restrictive diet for years, helped you through punishing exercise regimes, protected you from plenty of illnesses and healed you from others and if you are a momma, helped you bear wonderful, amazing little beings that you would not want to trade for anything else in this life.

Take a moment to consider how much this body of yours has done for you and how you have treated her for it. I say it is time to radically change things and start treating her with the respect and care that she is deserving of. After all, the way she builds herself (fat layers and all) only comes down to how you treated her in the first place, so let’s show her a way where she is safe and secure enough to let go again.

She is not your enemy… she is just a little child which somewhere along the way got confused by a whole load of mixed signals that have been sent to her over the years. All she wanted is to protect you, be there for you and make sure you are ok through it all!

So tonight, find a quiet space and tell her that you love her. That you want to be there for her also, as she has been for you all these years. That you may not get it right the first time, or even the second, but that you are trying to be more compassionate, gentle, forgiving and understanding. The same way you treat your Mum, your best friend or your own child. After all, you are no less deserving of treating yourself with the respect that you treat other people around you with.


    1. I strongly believe that oftentimes we are way too harsh with ourselves. We’d never treat anyone else around us the way we treat ourselves in thought and I really want to help people change this! 🙂 So, I am glad that you find this message resonates with you.


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