So, what is a Health Coach, actually?

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Many people are confused when they first hear me saying that I am a Health Coach. They don’t quite know what it is and if they have a vague idea they wonder why anyone would need a Health Coach.

Do people really need Health Coaches???

After all, being more healthy just means more exercise and eating healthy a.k.a. boring and tasteless food. Essentially, it boils down to being less lazy, showing more discipline and having the willpower to get yourself sorted!

Well, there may be a grain of truth in there – after all exercise and healthier eating do contribute towards a healthier lifestyle (in some cases) – but this is just a tiny part of what Health Coaches actually focus on. Plus if these statements were true we would not have the amount of chronic, preventable diseases we have nowdays. To be honest, most of the time exercise and healthy eating only start falling into place once we have addressed all other areas in your life.

So, what is a Health Coach, exactly, then?

A Health Coach is someone who supports and mentors individuals to cultivate healthier choices in their day to day life. A Health Coach will educate and support clients to achieve health goals based on their individual body and their life circumstances through lifestyle and behaviour adjustments.

This mean a Health Coach can help you lose weight (particularly when portion control and excessive exercise do not lead to the outcome that is being promised: rarely it is that easy), motivate you to work towards a fitness goal you have been working on, help you deal with stress better, improve feelings of fatigue and overwhelm, implement healthy habits into your daily life that are do-able and focussed on making them work for you in the long term.

A Health Coach can even be the bridge between you and your doctor!

Doctors may advise you to live more healthily or lose weight, but how often do we actually know how to approach that particularly when small serving sizes, regular tough exercise regimes and only eating bland meals do not lead to success? This is where a Health Coach will help you to consider other factors and start breaking bigger goals down into do-able steps and then help you along when the going gets tough!

Most Health Coaches are quite specialized in the clientele they work with, so stay tuned as I will explain in a second part what my focus is on!

If you feel you can benefit from a Health Coach, get in touch for a complementary health consultation. I work with clients worldwide through Skype, so there is no need to be based in Brussels at all.

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