Five Easy Tips To Get Started With A Healthy Lifestyle

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Have you ever wondered why there are certain people who make it look so effortless in presenting the image of a healthy lifestyle? Let me tell you something, it really is not as difficult as it looks or as you imagine it to be. I have five tips for you to get you started with no problems whatsoever:

  1. Eat nutritious food: ideal are home cooked foods with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. For a quick way to increase your nutrient intake, make having a freshly pressed juice or a green smoothie a daily habit. For 2016, I have decided taken my nutrition a step further (yep, itโ€™s not perfect, after all we are aiming for consistency, not perfection and our journey takes us with baby steps towards our goals: you can read more about it here) by making sure I have one green smoothie every day. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for the low down with #366greensmoothies.
  2. Go to bed early: sufficient sleep alone can improve energy throughout the day tremendously preventing unhealthy cravings and that dreaded mid-afternoon dip. Just start by going to bed half an hour early and feel how much of a difference it makes.
  3. Move, exercise, walk: Instead of suffering in the gym, try different ways of exercising and find something that suits you and that you enjoy! Itโ€™s not supposed to be about punishing yourself or making it harder for you than necessary. Or how about getting off the bus or tram a stop earlier on your way to work to get you an extra 10 minutes of exercise per day?
  4. Take time for yourself: make sure to connect with yourself at least once per day. These can just be a few deep breaths whilst paying attention to how you feel and what caused you to feel the way you do at that present moment.
  5. Be playful: thatโ€™s right, let that inner child out daily even if it is just for a few moments whilst it explores simple things like the smell of a rose with the curiosity of someone who has the whole world to experience still!

I told you it was that easy… did I not? ๐Ÿ˜‰ But youโ€™ll find that these five simple things can make you feel like you are re-born! Iโ€™d love to hear how you get on… leave me a comment below on what


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