Stepping Healthy Habits Up One Baby Step At A Time In 2016

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We are nearly one month into 2016 and what a month it has been. I am currently running two online group programs, have taken up from before Christmas with my one to one clients, have passed two Dutch tests so that I can directly progress from the basic Level (1.1) and jump to Level 2.1, have run a couple of workshops, taught yoga and presented a seminar, won a scholarship to participate in a program which will elevate my coaching and have started to implement various things to move my business forwards. I have big plans this year, it is going to be an exciting one so keep your eyes peeled open. However, with all the changes in the previous years and with all the goals I have for my business this year, I know that I have to make sure that I find a substantial amount of grounding in my personal life.

For me, this means ingraining quite a few of my healthy habits a bit deeper into my daily life to get the right balance between work and play.

As much as I have a very healthy lifestyle, it is not perfect even though that’s not what it looks like on the social media pictures (remember that they are there to inspire you, not to show you perfection). I also know that just having big goals does not amount to anything, unless we are putting tools into place that help us getting there. Otherwise we just get overwhelmed. Plus, we need self care structures built in in our days that support and nourish us so that we are physically and mentally prepared to move towards this big goal.

As a result, I will be stepping up my healthy habits in 2016. Specifically, I will …

  • Make my regular meditation practice a daily practice. #366daysofmeditation
  • Practice yoga asana (posture) daily, instead of 3-4 times per week. #366daysofyoga
  • Have a green smoothie every day. #366greensmoothies
  • Ensure that at least two of my main meals are clean, dairy and gluten-free in 2016.
  • Learn to make gluten-free bread.

I am well on my way with all of these steps as I know actually doing them and them turning into a routine will take a while. I know, though, these steps will nourish and support me mentally and physically to make 2016 my best year yet! You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with it all. I usually post my green smoothies daily, meditation and yoga practices less so (simply because I still find it very difficult to share so much of my life and my meditation and yoga practice are a very private and personal part of me), so feel free to pop by and share with me what you are up to and what you have committed to do for your health!


 ***Stepping healthy habits up one baby step at a time in 2016***

Who is with me? What are you going to commit to do for your health this year?


  1. woaw! Very ambitious Bettina! Make sure you are also kind to yourself if you should slip here and there – don’t forget to “be bad” 😉 I love the commitment and enthusiasm! I know you can do it! My goals for this year is to practice self-care – be kind to myself, TRUST myself and listen to myself! Lots of love to you!


    1. You think so? I am being kind to myself in that I have set the expectations quite low. I don’t need to drink a pint of green smoothie every day and indeed may have to ‘eat’ it when travelling. As to my yoga practice, even if I just have 5 minutes at the start or end of the day, it helps me to be so much clearer and focussed. So you see, it’s only 5 minute hacks here and there, literally baby steps 🙂 x


      1. I know that if I set out to do something EVERY day, I won’t do it. If I set up to do something once a week, then I might 😉 But you know yourself and your limits much better than I do! And that’s the important thing! 😘

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      2. Ah, I see where you are coming from. I am doing most of these habits a few times per week already, however, I am not consistent when things get stressful, etc. So the idea this year is to step up and make them a consistent part of my self care routine, so that I can tackle all the other stuff so much better 🙂

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