Make the most of your New Years resolutions

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!!! I feel it is going to be an amazing and awesome year for us and cannot wait for it all to unfold. There will be gentle steps towards better health, quantum leaps on how you define health, changes in attitudes towards what you see as healthy. There will be a feeling of that any challenge that you may face is totally do-able and just a moment in time that will help you show how far in your journey you have come already! Be ready to grow in yourself, embrace yourself and your body with self-love and acceptance and celebrate the vibrancy that comes with it. To do so, however, you need to recognize that hurdles are not there to ensure you fail, fall of the wagon or to defeat you so that you let go of your New Year resolutions or goals for this year, but that they are an opportunity to:

  1. assess whether your current approach works for you or whether you need to tweak it
  2. use as a benchmark of how far you have come
  3. check in with yourself of whether you are following your true self or someone else’s aspirations for you

This is particularly true for New Year resolutions that have to do with (dare I mention the word) dietary intentions including anything that may have to do with ‘being more healthy’ and ‘doing more exercise’. The problem I can see is that many people actually never bother to define what this actually means for them and how they can achieve that. Eating more nutrient dense foods or just more vegetables and fruit? Going for a run every day or just walking on the weekends? Making sure to relax more? You need something concrete you can use to assess how far you have come, so it really is worth it to think about when making New Year resolutions or any vague goal. This also means you can use moments where you feel discouraged as an opportunity to grow. After all, a dietary intervention never gets you healthier by itself, nor is exercise by itself a guarantor of your wellbeing.

“Wholefoods and movement with the ability to reflect on your achievements and the hurdles that you encounter in your journey towards better wellbeing and our ability to meditate upon them is the medicine that we need to step into our own health and into our own power.”

And with it comes the surrender and acceptance of what is (such as our body shape), with is comes a form of growth that only can come about through true self love and with it comes a balance in your physical and mental being that catapults you to a completely different point of view of how you see yourself, how you see your health and how you approach the nourishment and care of your physical and spiritual being.

Remember, you do not need to do much at once. Indeed, just going a tiny step forward (like making sure that just one of your three meals per day is completely made of wholefoods or going for a gentle walk 3x per week) already means you are doing better than you used to do compared to your old approach. Consistency, not perfection is the key! So, here is to an amazing, fantastic and wonderful 2016.

If you want some guidance and help to make sure you are moving consistently forwards, contact me now for a complementary initial session with me!

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