Healthy Habits: Back to Basics

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Whenever I am talking to people at the moment, be it friends, my clients or family, I generally get the feeling of people being overwhelmed. Everyone seems to have too much on, too many commitments and the emotional fatigue and overwhelm that comes with it really brings people down. Like when you are trying to swim uphill in a fast flowing river and noticing you are not getting anywhere… it’s frustrating, it’s angering and it is tiring and we are only just starting the approach to Christmas. It can take the last bit of energy out of you and leave you functioning like a robot. I get it! At the moment, life feels very much the same to me to the point where I had to sit down with myself on the weekend and look at the big picture.

How can I manage my energies in a way that does not leave me drained and enables me to keep up with life?

Actually, the answer is quite simple. Your body functions like a well-oiled engine if it gets good quality oil and superb fuel. What goes first when things get busy in our life? Our healthy habits, foremost our nutrition habits. It happens. To all of us (yes, even me!). To the best of us. So, what can we do?

We can create awareness, so that when it happens, we catch it fast. Maybe after we have a chocolate bar in the afternoon for the third time in a row instead of after the week has finished.

We can focus on the good things like the fact that we did catch our slide after the third time instead of a month down the line.

We can consciously choose what to do and then own our choice! If you decide to have that chocolate bar after all (instead of a healthier option which at that point just may cause more stress, because you’d have to go out and find an appropriate supermarket), enjoy every single bite and eat it mindfully. Don’t get distracted by Facebook or work if there is a chocolate bar to be had! Of course, it’s great if said chocolate bar is a high quality chocolate bar made of raw chocolate (what a superfood.. and if you go for a brand that has popped up in health food shops this year you even get a note with it that usually tells you how amazing you are… I mean, how can you not?!), because you are prepared and are already in the habit of having them with you everywhere. However, even if you are far in this journey of a healthy lifestyle, sometimes life still catches you unaware! And then it all depends on how we react in this situation…

Healthy habits start in how we approach our nutrition and how we eat, not necessarily what we eat. Our actual food choices are often secondary to our life circumstances and a healthy lifestyle requires that awareness.

If you feel you’d benefit from looking at how your food choices come about, get in touch for a complementary consultation. I am taking on one to one clients at the moment and would love to have you on board!

With Vibrant Love,

Bettina x

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