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I recently listened to a podcast about yoga teaching and the interviewee talked about how you have to teach the students THEIR next step, not your next step.

This really got me thinking about teaching my students, about how I work with my clients and finally, how we as people work with ourselves. How often, in our own personal life do we take our next step consciously, with awareness on whether this is the next logical step for us? THE RIGHT STEP FOR OUR JOURNEY?

We often wish ourselves to be further along in our progress, be it in our own personal development, in our career, in our physical exercise practice… And because of our own expectations towards ourselves as well as expectations from others we often take steps that are not actually logical for our own journey. They may be logical for career development reasons, logical to meet expectations from others, logical because we are impatient and force us further along than really we should be. But they are not logical when we listen into ourselves and find our own authentic truth, that inner voice which we have learned to ignore through a lot of conditioning through society.

One way to notice that is when we look at our health. For many, health means to get fitter or loose weight or both. Many times it ends with signing up for a race or doing a diet and after the initial excitement or the race or a few weeks on a restrictive meal plan, for many people the enthusiasm stops. Because they have taken on too much at once, because they did not take the step that was appropriate for themselves. Really, they should have signed up for a smaller race, just focused on one aspect to start losing weight, just improved one part of their health instead of doing it all at once.

SMALL CONSISTENT BABY STEPS ARE THE KEY, not giant strides. People are missing out on the journey and are prone to take missteps that actually don’t get them to the goal. This is why I am working with clients over several months, to give them consistency, to give them small steps that don’t cause overwhelm, to be able to savor and celebrate the small goals.

The best thing about baby steps… It gives people the time to become aware and to let go. Become aware of why they are behaving like they do, and letting go of that behavior through gentle acceptance. And that leads to a SUSTAINABLE CHANGE for their lifestyle, a long term success for their own health and wellbeing.

So, what is the one small, single change you can make this week, to step up your health? Let me know by commenting on here or come over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and say hi!

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