I am Bettina, a life-long explorer of my own relationship with my body, my wellbeing and womxnhood at large. I have a deep-rooted yearning to live in a world where we are all sufficiently grounded to embrace both our own shadows and light for healthy, thriving communities which live in tune with their environment.

I am also a yoga teacher and integrative health coach with a background in the natural sciences. In my work I hold space for womxn to learn more about themselves and re-connect with their bodies. I hope to help them overcome feelings of disconnection with themselves and others, numbness, anxiety, fatigue and other stress-related issues that are so common in our fast-paced and demanding world.

You have currently found me with a terribly outdated website (I am writing this in July 2020): it’s my summer project to bring the rest of the website up to date by autumn! In the meantime I would love for you to connect with me on Instagram, join my yoga class in Hoeilaart from mid-August onwards (all details in my Yoga Hoeilaart Flyer) or just check back in a couple of months time to be back in the know!

Sending you much love xxx