Living your healthiest life

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Bettina helped me to see that it is possible to ignore those niggling negative thoughts and fight the fear and lethargy that I was struggling with. I am a completely different person than I was six months ago, I have lost over a stone in weight, I wake up before my alarm most mornings, I exercise almost daily and I am able to cope with life without tearing my hair out. I feel happier and energised!

Leanne, 30 years, six month intensive coachee

Starting with many recipe ideas and a lot of information on nutrition it was not a daily meal plan but a push to analyse my habits, make changes and integrate lovely new foods. During the program I felt super motivated, felt more and more energetic in my day to day life and also enjoyed some self reflection. My family and me are on a good way to not always having to think about how to live healthy,ย but just LIVING IT!

Christine, participant of the 31 day online program โ€˜Springing Healthily into Summer 2015โ€™