I’m a health and wellbeing coach, and a yoga teacher.

I inspire + empower busy, professional women with stress, overwhelm + anxiety to re-connect with themselves through nourishing their bodies with healthy foods, moving their bodies in tune with their needs + conscious mind-body wellbeing exercises.

If you are ready to

… find ease and flow in your health and wellbeing practices to support your busy lifestyle
… let go of overwhelm when it comes to your selfcare
… be clear on what your needs are + how to fulfill them
… free yourself from mindless + emotional eating
… move your body with joy

You are at the right place.

I work with women to

… re-connect them with themselves so that they recognise what they need for them to feel healthy, clear and energised
… help them get clear on their wellbeing needs in a busy lifestyle
… find happiness in their bodies + in moving their bodies
… ensure they know how to chose nourishing foods for themselves with ease + joy
… release the guilt + shame around their body + the food choices they make

My coaching + teaching is holistic with an approach that strips back everything to come back to basics. Drawing from my experience as a scientist, a yogi + mindfulness practitioner of over 10 years, a holistic health coaching training and my own journey to conscious choices for my health and mind-body wellbeing in a busy lifestyle, I help women to re-connect with themselves to empower them to recognise  their wellbeing needs + live a balanced, healthy life.